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We also provide consultancy services in the Agricultural field from a wide base of knowledge and experience based on needs of the client as follows:-

  1. Business Plans
  2. Marketing Plan / Analysis
  3. Financial Management
  4. Agribusiness Clinic
  5. Academic Proposal Writing
  6. Business Branding
  7. Performance Appraisal


Following the need in the society and information asymmetry on best farming practices, Prof P. M. Mshenga, lecturer in the department of Agribusiness Management and Agricultural Economics in Egerton University and Program Coordinator, Strengthening University Capacity to Enhance Competitiveness of Agribusiness in East and West Africa, commissioned a group of 6 students to run agribusiness clinics. The students who were commissioned were Dickson Otieno, Eunice Njeri, Godfrey Atsiaya, Gabriel Musau, Joseph Jabu and Dickson Okello. The students paired up and formed 3 groups with Dickson Otieno and Okello forming Group 1, Jabu and Atsiaya formed the 2nd group while Eunice and Gabriel formed the 3rd group.

An Agribusiness Clinic is an exercise (under this program) where agribusiness professionals are commissioned to visit farmer groups with an aim of establishing challenges they face. Effort is then put to help solve these agribusiness challenges. Below is a summary of what happened during this exercise.

Group 1

This group conducted their visit from 12/5/2015 to 14/5/2015 and out of this; they visited and worked with 4 farmer groups and one individual proprietor. On 12/5/15, they visited an individual business man, Henry Ambwere, who owns MolaPlus Limited and they helped him come up with a business plan. This was followed by another visit on 15/5/15 to Mathangauta SHG and Mau Rural farmers Sacco who they helped to do a poultry farm costing and a market analysis for crisps respectively. This was followed up by another visit to Chomosa FADC SHG on 19/5/15. On this day, they helped this group prepare a crop calendar and taught these farmers on a cold storage unit after establishing from them that it was a major challenge they faced. They made two other follow-ups to this group on later dates of 4/6/15 and 11/6/15. On these dates, they met the officials of this group and attended a field day respectively. This group later helped in the compilation of this report of the remaining 3 days of their schedule.

Group 2

This group of Godfrey Atsiaya and Joseph Jabu conducted their clinic from 18th May 2015 to 12th June 2015.
The first group to be visited was Kianjoya Arimi self-help group, which deals with maize and beans production and their major challenges being marketing of their produce and accessing the inputs which we advised them to market their produce and purchase inputs collectively.

Then they visited John Kamau and Gilbert Kariuki in Kikapu area who are greenhouse tomato farmers and their major challenge was greenhouse management practices. They linked them to an expert from the Crops horticulture and soils department with whom we visited them for a follow up visit.

Kihingo Dairy Farmers’ Group was the next that was visited in Kihingo area. The group deals with dairy farming and their major challenge was marketing their milk and prolonged droughts. They advised them to market their milk collectively and also to preserve feeds during times of plenty.
The last group they visited was Oasis women group in Nessuit area that deal with greenhouse tomato production and their major challenge being management practices. They linked them to an expert from the Crops department Egerton University and they were trained on management.

Group 3

This group, comprising of Eunice Njeri and Gabriel Musau conducted their clinic from 18/5/2015 to 8/6/2015.
On date 18th May 2015, they visited Wendo group in N’gondu and advised the group how they could improve on their production. Following day which was on 19th May 2015, they visited a group in Sosiot called Mwamko Mpya women group. They had a problem especially in marketing as they did it individually. We advised them to market as a group. On 21st June, they visited Ogilgei Tachassii S.H.G group in Mauche, the group had a major problem of management. Njeri and Musau helped them on how well they were to organize themselves as a group. 4th June they visited individual farmer by the name Jane Kering, they talked to her on the importance of doing one enterprise instead of many on the same farm. 8th June 2015 they visited Daniel Kimani who had an issue with high employee turnover and dishonesty. They advised him to increase their wages so that they won’t steal from him again.


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